Classics In The Wild — Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra, Los Angeles 1965

Ol’ Blue Eyes knew how to swing. Eames lounger. Reenskaug rocker. Man’s best friend. An enormous bowl overflowing with Parliments & Camels.

And that system. These were the early days of stereo but someone wasn’t satisfied with two channels. Francis Albert listened to studio master tapes on his three channel Presto 825 reel to reel, with left and right carrying orchestral tracks and the center dedicated to the golden voice from Hoboken NJ.

A Macintosh preamp and Fisher tuner fed Presto amplifiers which in turn drove Altec 604’s. This picture is likely taken only moments before Sammy and Dino arrived to listen to a pre-release version of “September of My Years”. Or so I would like to imagine.

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