Significant Bits | 3.3.19

A completely random, not at all comprehensive, compendium of audio nuggets we’ve seen this week.

John Atkinson, editor and guiding light of Stereophile for over 3 decades is stepping aside and yielding the post to Jim Austin. I admit to not being a heavily measurements-focused person but always appreciated John’s point of view and his superhuman efforts maintaining a high-end audio magazine in an era of disappearing a) high-end audio and b) magazines. Stereophile

Soundaries 618B

Stefano aka TWOGOODEARS listens through a stable of step up transformers including an interesting new offering from Thailand-based Soundaries Audio meant to mimic the legendary Western Electric 618B. Spoiler Alert – it sounds fantastic. TWOGOODEARS

Mayer FC Supply

Thomas Mayer unveils a “field coil power supply for purists”. VinylSavor

Not so new, but new to me and a fantastic read: The great Herb Reichert on “Secret Societies of the Audiophile”, a tale of (among other things) his visit to ETF 2018. In my next life I wish to be able to weave a tale like Herb. So good. AudioStream

Audio Esoterica: Abbas Audio. TDA1541A based DACs with tubed(!) word clocks. Brewed in Kiev. There is definitely something afoot in Eastern Europe – lots of great sounding audio, modern designs mixed with vintage roots. We’ll have one for listening in the coming months. Abbas Audio

One thought on “Significant Bits | 3.3.19

  1. Hi there here Roberto from Italy, a friend, CLOSE .enough friend of Stefano Two good ears.
    This few linea Just ti say i m appreciating so much your articolerà because It s not only about music and audiophile, no.
    It s about obscure and secret lives, obsessions, dark persons Who raging around ti search, searching for something sometimes not so clear in music bit overall Life, thought, theories and heritage.
    Hope the linea Will remain the dame.
    I m standing on your giant should.
    All’ the best!

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