Classics In The Wild – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs in his Woodside, CA living room.

As always Mr. Jobs pared things down to the true essentials. Tiffany lamp. Green tea. A copy of Aja.

He did choose to go a little more maximalist for his system however. A pair of towering Acoustat Monitor 3s’ clad in what appear to be custom white grill cloths (foreshadowing Apple’s fixation with purity and starkness in its audio products) grace the corners of his otherwise empty space.

‘Stats need power and power he had with a pair of Threshold STASIS-1 monoblocks driving the panels. Threshold was also called on for preamp duties as we can see a Nelson Pass designed FET One lurking in the background next to a Mitchel GyroDec. A Denon TU-750 tuner lights up the darkness near the windows. I’m guessing his Sequerra Model 1 was probably undergoing repairs.

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