GoFund Kenny Burrell

It’s been reported that a combination of crushing medical debt and a series of compound misfortunes have left jazz legend and Blue Note star Kenny Burrell on the edge of homelessness. It’s a sad statement on the condition of the healthcare system in America and a reminder that, at least for many of the early jazz pioneers, the artist didn’t reap the majority of the bounty yielded by their efforts.

Earlier this week Kenny’s wife Katherine created a GoFundMe page as a last ditch effort to remedy a dire situation. In her words: “It saddens and embarrasses me to desperately need and request help, but it is necessary at this point”.

I would encourage those so inclined to forgo a future musical purchase and donate to someone who has given many of us quite a lot of enjoyment over the years.

GoFundMe Page | NPR News

Update: Kenny Burrell responds to donors (Jazztimes)

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