Godspeed Mark Hollis

Today we lost the great Mark Hollis, former Talk Talk lead singer and acclaimed solo artist. As a card carrying member of the MTV generation I certainly knew (or, more accurately, thought I knew) Talk Talk as video-driven synth pop artists and, to my detriment, dismissed them. My tastes at the time veered to the […]

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Under Cover

When it comes to protecting your vinyl there are myrid options available at every price point. While I can’t say I’ve tried everything, I’ve gone through quite a few alternatives in the quest for a great inner / outer sleeve combination that works consistently well. Inside the jacket my main choice is MA Recordings microfiber inner […]

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Take Your iPhone For A Spin

Tired of pulling out a strobe disc every time you want to check / tweak the speed of your table? Now there’s an app for that. RPM (iPhone / iOS 8.1+)uses your phone’s built-in gyroscope to quickly and accurately measure the rotational speed of your platter. In tests verses platter markings or dedicated strobe packages I’ve found […]

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