Under Cover

When it comes to protecting your vinyl there are myrid options available at every price point. While I can’t say I’ve tried everything, I’ve gone through quite a few alternatives in the quest for a great inner / outer sleeve combination that works consistently well.

Inside the jacket my main choice is MA Recordings microfiber inner sleeve, a polyethylene cover constructed from a material invented to replace traditional rice paper in Japanese screens. Its microporous structure inhibits mold by allowing the LP to breath while simultaneously preventing dust buildup via antistatic properties. The sleeves slip easily into jackets but provide more structure than many of the lighter weight plastic covers that end up jammed and wrinkled over time.

For protection of your LP covers the Sleeve City Deluxe Oversized Ultimate Outer 5.0 offers a crystal clear, non-yellowing polypropylene that provides an almost invisible 5mm thick protective sheild. Importantly the covers are slightly larger than a traditional sleeve at 12.92″ square, allowing for gatefolds or double albums without issue and enough clarity to read the spine easily when you’re searching your shelves.

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